Birth Photography

in homes and hospitals across Maine

Woman in birth pool holding newborn baby. Her husband is looking over her shoulder with hand on her arm.

Your story is worth the investment.

You deserve to see your birth. You deserve to have this raw, beautiful, life altering experience documented. There is immense power in birth photography. We so often work through labor with our eyes closed. Or, we are just simply so focused that nothing else around us can really sink in. It’s impossible to remember it all. Could your partner snap some photos on your iPhone? Sure. Will your partner be in the photos they are taking? No, probably not. Your team should be completely focused on you, and your photographer should be focused on documenting the way they love and support you! You don’t get a redo.

What you’re getting when you hire me is a professional. Someone who has an eye for detail, and the equipment to handle the ever changing environment. Someone who is certified in birth photography. I have dedicated hours and hours to education on how to photograph births and how to conduct myself in the birth space.

I capture the most powerful moments of you working through your contractions, the most triumphant moments as you meet your baby, and the most tender moments as you hold them and touch them for the first time. I’m not a family or wedding photographer who takes on the occasional birth. I am a birth photographer. I don’t know the day, time, or the amount of time I will spend with you. I have to be ready at a moments notice, even if it means missing out on sleep or a special occasion at home.

I bring trust, calmness, and support to the birth space. I fully trust you and believe in you. Plus, I have a camera that can take way better photos than an iPhone!

I am honored to take on the role of story teller.

The Investment

-I go on call for you 24/7 from 38 weeks until you give birth to your baby.

-I stay with you from active labor through 1-2 hours postpartum.

-You recieve a gallery of professionally hand-edited digital images.

-I text a sneak peek of 5-10 images within 24-48 hours.

-You recieve the print release for your images.


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